Kangaroo Point

If you can avoid getting bowled over by cyclists and joggers, it’s a pleasant walk along the cliffs at Kangaroo Point, especially in the early morning or at sunset. Some people choose to abseil down the cliffs, but there are also stairs. The road runs to a dead end at the base of the cliffs and there are car-parking spaces along the way.

The path runs along the river, opening out at several points onto green lawns with picnic tables and barbecues. In one section there is a large tiled area. The tiles are laid in such a way as to form a maze, but it’s not exactly a challenge since you can just look across and see where the path leads without actually moving. You could use it like a labyrinth and do a walking meditation, but I have also seen people dancing on it too.

At Riverlife Adventure Centre you can hire kayaks, water bikes, rollerblades and other fun things. They also run rock-climbing, abseiling, and tours on and off the river. They can even organise your wedding or a picnic.

If you keep walking until you pass under the Story Bridge you’ll find a small sandy beach. Steps lead down to the beach and it’s a great place for your dog to have a frolic (except you should never let your dog off-leash except in special off-leash areas should you? Absolutely not). It might be tempting to get your kit off and go for a lovely swim in that brown water, but alas, this being Australia, the Brisbane River is full of hungry predators. Bull Sharks live in the river and they will probably eat you, and your little off-leash dog too.

Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS on Pexels.com

On top of the cliffs is Joey’s a restaurant with arguably the best views in Brisbane. It boasts “180o views spanning Brisbane’s Botanic Gardens and City Skyline”. The seating is undercover but not enclosed, so if it’s a cold windy day it can be uncomfortable, but it’s a lovely place for coffee on a Sunday morning. Down on the river itself is Medley cafe. It’s open seven days a week from 7am, currently serving dinner Thursday to Saturday, with live music every Thursday night and Sunday afternoon.

Kangaroo Point was the site of a gruesome murder back in 1848. The dismembered body of Robert Cox was found on the river bank on March 26. William Fyfe was hanged for the murder, but local butcher Patrick Mayne made a deathbed confession in 1865. But the Mayne story is long, involving madness, nuns, and stained-glass windows, so I’ll save it for another time.

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