This blog is being created in Meanjin/Brisbane, home to the Jagera and Turrbul people. This land was never ceded.

Photo by Kevin Kobal on Pexels.com

Before World Expo landed in Brisbane in 1988, Brisbane was known as a “big country town”. Since then Brisbane has continued to grow into a city with great restaurants and cafes, beautiful parklands, and a vibrant cultural scene.

Come with me and I’ll show you.

What Brisbane People Say About Brisbane

Storms came on Fridays, lightning-jutting beasts that pelted the city with an hour of tropical rain, washing it clean and giving to the vegetation an intensity of colour that was almost psychedelic.

Robert Forster

With its wooden houses perched on stilts, its swampy beaches, its fluorescent foliage, its mangrove decay, its specific heat, Brisbane to the foreigner can seem exotic. A tropical place for breezy tropical people. A town where people come in battered trucks from the dusty plains of the outback.

Nick Earls

I keep coming back to the light of Brisbane… If you live away from it, then step back into it, it is the first thing that tells you you’re home.

Matthew Condon